Lee Soon-jae “I met my wife when I taught action to my sister-in-law” (Love on the Air)

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Soon-jae remembered his first meeting with his wife, Choi Hee-jung.

In KBS2 ‘Love on the Air’, which aired on the 30th, Lee Soon-jae appeared in search of Seoul National University alumni Chae Jo-byeong.

On this day, Lee Soon-jae confessed to his first meeting with his wife, Choi Hee-jung. Lee Soon-jae was in charge of directing the high school play contest where his brother-in-law appeared, and he became involved with his wife.

Lee Soon-jae said, “During the practice, a girl I couldn’t see came up and handed me two eggs to look at my younger brother. Later, my sister-in-law won the acting award. The craftsman bought dinner. After eating, he paid the housekeeper the price for the theater. I taught my sister-in-law, so why would I give it to my wife? So I had to pay back, so I went back and forth to meet him.”

He said, “My wife had to leave a dance performance abroad. So I sent a letter. When the overseas performance schedule came out, I sent a letter to the hotel in advance. Because of that, my wife was also in agreement.” Lee Soon-jae’s letter, who left the phrase ‘your innocence’, was released and drew attention.

In addition, Lee Soon-jae recalled the time he was dating his wife and said, “I left the watch to the pawn shop from time to time. I got the money, bought a ticket for the theater, and bought me.”


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