Park Jin-young “Rain focuses on appearance. I have all my ability, dignity, and dignity”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Park Jin-young showed confidence.

On the 30th, Rain’s personal YouTube channel, ‘Season and Off Season’, said, ‘He… ended up serving. Rain and Park Jinyoung & Legend Guest, Visual Singers’ MV Shooting| A video titled ‘Let’s Change to Me’ Part 2 was uploaded. In the video, Rain and Park Jin-young filmed the music video of Rain’s new album ‘duet with JYP’ and had a short interview with the PD of ‘Season and Off Season’.

When asked about the music video concept, Rain replied, “(a woman) comes out with the concept of choosing one of us.” Park Jin-young shuddered, “Will this woman choose the rain because her taste is childish, or whether she chooses me because she has a level (it is the key).”

When Rain said, “No, we’re on a team,” Park Jin-young said, “Well then, should we choose Ji-hoon (Rain), which focuses on appearance, or (Would you choose me) with ability”

The staff burst into laughter when Rain said, “In fact, the two of us have perfect visuals. We compete for 1-2 in appearance.” In response, Park Jin-young exclaimed, “I can’t because I’m in a bad mood. If I talk about my appearance, your staff keeps laughing. When I talk about my appearance at our company, it’s a big deal.” Rain and Park Jin-young, who once were members of the agency JYP, were still close friends.

Meanwhile, Rain and Park Jin-young’s duet song ‘duet with JYP’ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 31st. Rain and Park Jin-young will show the first stage of the new song at the ‘2020 MBC Music Festival’, which will be broadcast from 9 pm on this day.

Photo| YouTube channel ‘Season and Off Season’

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