Sayuri “My son’s name is ‘Zen’, meaning all of me”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Sayuri Fujita, a 41-year-old broadcaster from Japan, released the name of her son who received sperm donation and gave birth.

Sayuri said on the 31st with a video of his son on his Instagram on the 31st, “My son’s name is Zen. It is written as ‘全’ in Chinese characters, which means everything. His name means everything to me.”

In the video, the baby is staring at the camera with dark double-lid eyes. She has eyes that resemble Sayuri.

Sayuri became a voluntary single mother by donating sperm from a man stored in a Japanese sperm bank on the 4th of last month and giving birth.

On the 25th, she said that she did not care about her child’s nationality in relation to sperm donation through her YouTube channel, Sayuri TV. It became a hot topic again, after Sayuri gave a birth.

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