‘Fun-Staurant’ Lee Kyung-gyu vs. Lee Yoo-ri, the first menu to be launched in 2021?

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

The 19th winning menu of’Pyeon Restaurant’ is born.

In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Fun-Staurant’), broadcast at 9:40 pm on the 1st, the results of the menu development contest with the theme of ‘Cheese’ will be revealed. Lee Kyung-gyu, Lee Yoo-ri, Kim Jae-won, and Ryu Soo-young are showing the final menu of the four outstanding chefs, and attention and expectations are focused on who will win and win the launch.

First of all, Lee Kyung-gyu, the launching king of ‘Fun-Staurant’, presents ‘Burata Pizza’. It maximizes the taste of the known combination of Pizza and Cheese. The pizza dough topped with mozzarella, gouda, cheddar, melt, and granofadano cheese is topped with spinach, and a total of six types of cheese, including the hottest burata cheese, are expected to realize the ultimate cheese taste.

Following that, Lee Yoo-ri, who won the 18th confrontation with ‘Red Rice’, presents ‘Heochiyu’ as the final menu. After frying the spicy sundae over the fire, it was coated with the spicy flavor of the world’s spicy carolina ripper and added homemade mozzarella cheese. The key point of ‘Heochiyu’ is a cheese bowl made with Parmesan cheese. Through this, the strongest spicy and salty taste was completed, and the creation of a menu that relieves stress was announced.

Kim Jae-won, a talented man who won the championship with ‘Shio Gosha’ in his first appearance, said ‘Oh! ‘Mook and Cheese’ as the final menu. It made from whole squid with a snack that boasts a different texture and taste, adds cheddar cheese, and Parmesan cheese, and then spicy and salty seasoning. It’s Kim Jae-won’s own ‘Mac and Cheese’ that utilizes muktae. The most addictive snack menu that sings beer is expected to be born.

Lastly, ‘Ryu Housewife’ Ryu Soo-young presents a cost-effective menu ‘Chichi Chicken’ using chicken. ‘Chichi Chicken’ is a menu in which deliciously pan-baked chicken is coated with a special soy sauce and then plenty of Ryu Soo-young’s cheddar cheese sauce is poured into it. With a combination of chicken and cheese that is reliable and cost-effective, he has completed an optimized menu of milk kits for home parties that can be enjoyed deliciously at home at the beginning of the year.

The new year of 2021 is bright. A good entertainment ‘Fun-Staurant’ that will diligently run to help our farmers in 2021. What is the first menu of ‘Fun-Staurant’ released in 2021? Who is the side chef who won the launch glory? All of this will be released on KBS2’s ‘Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant’, which airs at 9:40 pm on January 1, 2021. The winning menu will be released as milk kit on the online market immediately upon the announcement of the championship.


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