‘Gamsung Camping’ Song Min-ho “No dating experience after debut. I feel lonely every day”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Song Min-ho confessed that he had no dating experience after his debut.

Eun Ji-won and Song Min-ho appeared on JTBC’s ‘Gamsung Camping’ (planning Hwang Gyo-jin, director Nara Lee), which airs on the 1st, as camping friends, expressing their honest thoughts about dating along with romantic camping in Jeju Island.

‘Gamsung Camping’ is a ‘real concept camping entertainment’ in which comedian Ahn Young-mi, Park Na-rae,’Mamamoo’ Solar, ‘A Pink’ Son Na-eun, and actor Park So-dam invite top star guests to an exotic spot in Korea in a camping car.

Eun Ji-won and Song Min-ho, boasting pleasant breathing among close seniors and juniors, performed like professional entertainers in ‘Gamsung Camping’. It is said that they found the charm of Gamsung Camping.

The cast continued to have an honest conversation about love while tasting camping dishes that can only be tasted in Jeju Island. Song Min-ho replied, “I am lonely every day” to the question “Do you have any plans to date?” He then revealed, “I have never been in a romantic relationship after debut,” and shocked the members.

Eun Ji-won also sometimes feels lonely, but unlike the ‘crazy person’ character seen on TV, he surprised everyone by showing his appearance as a dating beginner, saying, “I’m shy in front of a woman and have no confidence.”

On this day, Park Na-rae’s instant event held the ideal type World Cup in ‘Gamsung Camping’. Song Min-ho, who was shy, takes the game seriously, and is curious that he chose one of the members of ‘Gamsung Camping’ to go straight. You can see who will be the #1 ideal type in ‘Gamsung Camping’ chosen by Song Min-ho in this broadcast.

In the exotic scenery of Jeju Island, Eun Ji-won and Song Min-ho’s honest love story can be seen at JTBC’s ‘Gamsung Camping’ at 9 pm on the 1st.


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