Haha, joining the narration of ‘The Return of Superman’… Successor to Do Kyung-wan

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Haha celebrates the narration of ‘The Return of Superman’.

According to the KBS2 entertainment program ‘The Return of Superman’ on the 1st, Haha will participate in the narration from the broadcast on January 3rd. As Do Kyung-wan expressed his gratitude to KBS, the cast seems to be changing.

First of all, Haha is the father of three siblings and is expected to form a consensus on the parenting of Supermen. Haha, who married singer Byul in November 2012, has three siblings. From Dream, the first son born in 2013, to Soul, the second son born in 2017, and Song-yi, the youngest daughter born last year. Many wonder how the 3 children’s dad ‘Haha’ will react to the Superman members’ parenting and giving some tips of childcare.

In particular, So Yoo-jin, another narrator, is also a mother who has three siblings and is expected to show good breathing in many ways with Haha. In addition, So Yoo-jin is close to Haha’s wife, Byul, and has a relationship with Haha. The chemistry that the two will show is arousing curiosity.

Haha, who has been active in many entertainments for many years, is also an expectation point. I look forward to the show of ‘The Return of Superman’, where you can see how Haha’s entertainment sense, which induces viewers’ laughter with the right comment, will be displayed in ‘The Return of Superman’.

Meanwhile, ‘The Return of Superman’ announced the joining of actor Yoon Sang-hyun earlier to announce a new change. In addition, the new year’s first broadcast of KBS 2 ‘The Return of Superman’, which has become more fresh with Haha’s participation, will be broadcast on January 3 at 9:15 pm.


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