‘Lion King’ Lee Dong-guk launches ‘Food Tour’ to taste Pohang

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Retired’Lion King’ Lee Dong-guk sets out to find the steamy taste of his hometown Pohang.

On TV CHOSUN’s ‘Heo Youngman’s Food Tour’, which airs on the 1st, he leaves for Pohang, Gyeongbuk, a representative sunrise travel destination that comes to mind when it comes to ‘New Year’.

The protagonist who went on a trip to Pohang is Lee Dong-guk, who returned from ‘Korea’s national soccer player’ to ‘the unemployed man(?)’ after his retirement ceremony last year. He said, “I visited Pohang for my honeymoon. But, to me, foods of Jeolla-do is more familiar.” In order to inform Lee Dong-guk of the local foods of Pohang, only food customers Heo Young-man came out. The delightful scene he had with him in Pohang, his hometown, is revealed.

The two visit Pohang Jukdo Market, the largest traditional market on the east coast. The owner of a restaurant in the market expressed the love of Lee Dong-guk and made a laugh. Heo Young-man was saddened by the host’s special side dish offensive for Lee Dong-guk, the ‘big father’. From savory Pohang-style soongnung served before meals, barley rice and rice served generously, rich miso stew, grilled mackerel that was marinated in ginger water to get rid of the fishy smell, pickled soybeans pickled in salted anchovies, and served with various herbs. The eyes are wide open. The ‘cost performance’ alum that stimulated Lee Dong-guk’s old memories will be revealed.

In addition, they visited an indoor carriage in the city where no one knows about Pohang. Over the three menus of this house’s popular menu, pork jumuluk, grilled beef, and squid bulgogi, the two have a profound (?) theme on’what is the most delicious menu’. In particular, after tasting the pork jumuluk, Lee Dong-guk said, “Why did you come to this house now?” Heo Young-man tasted the fried rice that Lee Dong-guk directly fried at Jumuluk, and praised him, saying, “This Jumulluck is for fried rice.”

On the other hand, with a surprise guest appearing for Lee Dong-guk on this day, you can also check the story behind the retirement ceremony, such as who was the surprise customer and the reason why she shed hot tears during the retirement ceremony.

Lee Dong-guk of ‘The Lion King’, who enjoys local foods of ‘Pohang’ in his hometown, can be seen on TV CHOSUN ‘Heo Young-man’s Food Tour’ at 8 pm on the 1st.


Photo courtesy of TV Chosun
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