‘Privacy Controversy’ Kangta returns for a long time “I’m deeply interested in writing songs”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Kangta, who had been suspended for a while after controversy about her privacy, stood at the official statue after a long time.

On the afternoon of the 1st, SM Entertainment broadcasted the ‘SM Town Live’ concert live for free around the world through various platforms such as Naver V LIVE, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and KNTV in Japan.

On this day, Kangta greeted him on the stage, saying, “I’m sincerely glad to all of you watching SM Town Live. It’s been a while since I’ve been greeting you.”

He added, “I’m curious about the scenery of where you are. I’m sure you’ll be having fun in your own space, but I don’t know if we can deliver the energy and heat of the site.”

Kangta also sang the new song ‘Flu medicine’, saying, “I am deeply engaged in song work these days. I am working on a new song. I will listen to a new song for the first time today.”

In August of last year, racing model Woo Ju-ahn (real name Han Ga-eun) released a kiss with Kang-ta on social media, and the controversy about Kang-ta’s privacy began. At the time, the agency said, “The two had been dating in the past, but now they are separated”, but Woo Ju-ahn said, “We are recently meeting again and getting to know each other.”

Afterwards, the two directly revealed their position on SNS, saying, “We decided to meet again, but as a result of the conversation, we decided to organize the relationship.” However, it became a hot topic once more when Oh Jeong-yeon posted a revelation that Kangta had an affair with the universe while dating. Kangta said, “All of this was caused by my inadequacy and irrelevance without any excuse. I will look back on the past time and make an effort to become a mature person,” apologizing and canceling the release of the new song. Then I got off at the musical ‘Hedwig’, which was about to start. Afterwards, in February of last year, Kangta admitted to dating actor Jung Yoo-mi and began a public romance.


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