Jung So-Min, Kim Ji-seok, Jung Geon-Joo, Kim Won-hae, Chae Jung-an, JTBC’s new drama ‘Monthly House’ lineup

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“All about the house, the monthly house tells you.” Jung So-min, Kim Ji-seok, and JTBC’s ‘Monthly House’ family were first revealed.

JTBC’s new drama’Monthly House’ (played by Myung Soo-hyun directed by Lee Chang-min, JTBC Studio), scheduled to be broadcast in the first half of 2021, is a drama about the romance of a man who buys a house and a woman who lives at home. With Jung So-min as the editor of the monthly living magazine ‘House’, ‘Na Young-won’ and Kim Ji-seok as the representative ‘Yoo Ja-seong’, Jeong Geon-joo, Kim Won-hae, Chae Jung-an, Ahn Chang-hwan , Yoon Ji-on, Lee Hwa-gyeom, Ahn Hyun-ho, and other magazine members’ lineups have been released.

First, Jung Geon-joo, who captured the hearts of viewers with various characters, plays the photographer ‘Shin Gyeom’. Introducing him in one word, ‘You Only Live Once’ itself. The ‘place to stay today’ is the ‘house’, and one-time life, one’s own happiness is the most important person. In a life without any worries, a worries about ‘Na Young-won’ arises, and a strange nerve war with the representative ‘Yoo Ja-sung’ is scheduled to be held.

Kim Won-hae, who has been on various movies and variety shows, took the role of the editor-in-chief ‘Choi Go’. He is an ordinary head of a family of four, consisting of a wife and two high school sons, who dreams of rebuilding a 30-year-old apartment. Chae Jung-an, who received not only drama but also entertainment and beauty programs, will return as the 13-year editor ‘Yeo Eui-ju’. She is a real estate declining philosopher who believes that the value of fixed assets will decline over time, with the luxury of 1.3 million won per month. ‘Nam Sang-soon’, an editor like Yeo Eui-ju and dreaming of winning the Omaebulmang housing subscription, is played by Ahn Chang-hwan, who captivated viewers with a chameleon-like charm.

Lastly, the three members of ‘Yukgyejang’ consisting of ‘Yuk’ Mira and ‘Gye’ Joo-hee, and photo assistant ‘Jang’ Chan in their first year as editor assistants are played by Lee Hwa-gyeom, Ahn Hyun-ho, and Yoon Ji-on, who are expanding their careers through various works. . Na Young-won Wishing Yuk Mi-ra, Gye Joo-hee, a textbook of non-existence, and Jang Chan, who dreams of success as a YouTuber. They plan to add empathy and fun to realize.

The production crew said, “Following Jung So-min and Kim Ji-seok, who confirmed the casting in advance, Jung Geon-joo, Kim Won-hae, Chae Jung-an, Ahn Chang-hwan, Yoon Ji-on, Lee Hwa-gyeom, and Ahn Hyun-ho. “The members of the ‘Monthly House’ were revealed,” he explained. “They who deal with ‘houses’ live in various ‘houses’ and have various values for ‘houses’. The story of ‘Monthly House’ is different, but it is a story of us eating at home, sleeping, and heading home at night without fail. We ask for a lot of support and anticipation for the first broadcast as to what kind of stories they will share separately.”

On the other hand, ‘Monthly House’ was directed by Lee Chang-min, who successfully led seasons 1 and 2 of ‘Welcome to Waikiki’, and was popular as a story that stimulates empathy and a setting that pops out in ‘Rude Miss Young-ae’ and ‘Drinking Solo’. Myung Soo-hyun, who received the book, was in charge of the writing and predicted the best synergy. It is expected to air at JTBC in the first half of 2021.

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