Kim Ji-Woo “Health workers are subjected to verbal abuse by boorish patients”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Ji-woo was tested for COVID-19 for a non-face-to-face performance.

On the 4th, Kim Ji-woo posted on his Instagram on the 4th, “The screening clinic came to be tested for a safe online performance. The medical staff and officials in the clinic who are really struggling. I only saw it on the news. Actually, it is not a joke. In the shaded tent, health workers just rely on a hot pack that seems to have already cooled down and deals with the truth and the truth, but it was really sad and sad.”

She said with a picture of the screening clinic, “Please, can’t everyone keep the basic etiquette? An old lady shouted at health workers for long queue around the clinic. (It was only 5 minutes) Health workers are fighting against the virus at cold places even without heating system. You can’t remove the cold mask and gloves properly and work in the cold.”

Next, Kim Ji-woo added, “Please keep your courtesy and standards as a person.”

In response, netizens sympathized with comments such as “I’m so angry with people who aren’t polite”, “Please have basic politeness”, and “Treat the medical staff as everyone’s family.”

On the other hand, the musical ‘Gentleman’s Guide Love and Murder’, starring Kim Ji-woo, visits the audience through live online performances from the 8th to the 10th.

Photo|Kim Ji-woo SNS

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