Kim Se-jeong lovely Beauty

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer and actress Kim Se-jeong showed off her doll-like beauty.

On the 4th, Kim Se-jeong posted a photo on her Instagram with the phrase “When will I wait for another week?”

In the photo, Kim Se-jeong is getting makeup retouching on the set. Big eyes, bright cheeks, and the appearance of blowing air in only one cheek added a lovely charm.

Fans responded, such as “You look like a pretty doll”, “I want to see you soon”, and “It seems to be getting prettier.

Kim Se-jeong is playing the role of ‘Do Hana’, a radar-like entity in the team that detects evil spirits in the OCN Saturday drama ‘The Uncanny Counter’.

Meanwhile, Gugudan, the girl group Kim Se-jeong belongs to, ended its official group activities on December 31, four years after their debut.

Photo|Kim Sejeong SNS

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