Kim Young-cheol, the 11th dya of self-isolation

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Kim Young-cheol shared the current situation during self-isolation.

On the 4th, Kim Young-cheol posted on his Instagram on the 4th, “Let’s guess what the number 3 is. There is not much left, so cooking is cumbersome and you will be making ramen. I plan to do an Instagram live to commemorate the 3 days of self-quarantine. I cannot believe that I’m quarantined for 11 dyas.”

In the photo released along with the article, Kim Young-cheol, who had three days left until self-isolation, is being eaten while wearing pajamas. Although he is in self-isolation on the 11th day, he still radiates bright energy.

Netizens cheered with comments such as “Always positive Young-cheol’s fighting”, “Please be patient with a little more”, “There are only 3 days left”.

On the other hand, Kim Young-cheol was classified as a close contact with the cast of ‘Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM’, who was confirmed as COVID-19 on December 26, and was tested for COVID-19. Kim Young-cheol, who was tested negative but went into self-isolation for two weeks, is scheduled to be released from quarantine at noon on the 7th.

Photo|Kim Young-cheol SNS

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