Lim Chae-moo “Duri Land debt? I don’t think it’s debt”

[Reporter Yang So-young on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lim Chae-moo mentioned in connection with the amusement park Duri Land.

In KBS1 ‘Morning Yard’, which aired on the 4th, small stars appeared.

On this day, when the story of Duri Land, an amusement park he is running, came out, Lim Chae-Moo said, “That is also stubborn. I’m running the amusement park for 33 years.”

He added “I was in a soccer team with Lee Joo-il, Kim Hak-rae, Lee Deok-hwa, etc. It’s stubborn to be bull.”

In addition, Lim Chae-Moo said, “The debt of Duri Land is not a debt. The debt on your back is a debt. This is the light of the sun. I think it’s sunlight because children come to play and give hope with bright faces.”

Lim Chae-Moo said, “Don’t all the whole country know now? When I retire, it is my dream to go around the country, talk with the elderly, serve and play with young children.”

Meanwhile, Lim Chae-moo appeared in ‘My Little Old Boy’ in November of last year and revealed that “the debt is exactly 16 billion won” for Duri Land.

Photo|Capture of KBS broadcasting screen

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