Real Meter Director Kim Ju-young suddenly died… ‘News Factory’ also memorialized

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Ju-young (34), director of Real Meter, who was an announcer, died of a heart attack.

The TBS radio ‘News Factory’, which he appeared in his lifetime, also had a memorial time on the broadcast that day.

Director Kim Ju-young had been communicating with fans through social media activities only 3 days before his death, and on December 31, he appeared in the ‘News Factory’ in a healthy manner, explaining the evaluation of President Moon Jae-in’s performance of state affairs, so his sudden death shocked the public.

‘News Factory’ broadcast on the 4th, saying, “There was a sad news from Real Meter Director Kim Ju-young, who appeared in the ‘News Factory’ between the weekends.”

On the day of the broadcast, lawyer Lim Jae-seong was in charge of the COVID-19 self-quarantine on behalf of Kim Eo-jun, and Bae Cheol-ho, a real meter senior expert, appeared and delivered the ‘appropriateness of the Seoul Mayor candidate for the New Year’s poll.’

On the 3rd, the news of the sudden death of director Kim Ju-young was delivered, which made the surroundings feel sorry. On the day of the poll, Real Meter said, “Director Kim Ju-young left us with a heart attack. He found dead at his home. I first thought he was sleeping, but he died.”

Director Kim Ju-young was an all-round sportsman from Yonsei University’s Department of Sports and Leisure. As a handsome man who won the grand prize at the 2013 ‘Cool Guy Contest’, he joined the MBN announcer in 2014 and left in April 2019. Since then, he has been a director of the Real Meter Future Strategy Research Institute and has appeared on TBS radio ‘Kim Eo-jun’s News Factory’ every Thursday.

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