So Joo-yeon’s ‘Guardian Bear’ appeared in ‘A Love So Beautiful’… Kim Yo-han or Yeo Hoe-hyeon?

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘A Love So Beautiful’, So Joo-yeon’s ‘Guardian Bear’ appeared, and interest is pouring into its identity.

Kakao TV’s original ‘A Love So Beautiful’ (planned Kakao M, produced by Ynot Media) is a cheerful high school girl ‘Shin Sol (played by So Joo-yeon)’ and her 17-year-old childhood friend ‘Cha Heon (played by Kim Yo-han)’, and It is a romance summoning the first love that tells the story of the friends who shared their youth with them. The beginning of 2021 is colored with a pink first love with the charms of ‘Cha Heon Fan’ who exudes pleasant and positive energy with a cute face, and Cha Heon, a perfect man who hides a warm heart in a perfect appearance and chic personality.

Kakao M is raising curiosity by releasing a still cut of Shin Sol, who went out as a relay runner at the athletic meet, and a cute bear that seems to support her, prior to the 4th episode, which will be released on Kakao TV at 5 pm on the 4th. Shin Sol, who seems to run with all she might while holding a relay baton, and a bear playing a passionate cheering match with her right next to it were captured. Shin Sol strokes the bear who supported her and expresses his gratitude with his lovely eyes, and the bear draws Shin Sol’s attention with a shy look. Unlike Shin Sol, who is sweating in short-sleeved sportswear, fans are curious about who is the identity of the person who volunteered to be a ‘guardian bear’ with a perfectly fitted ‘bear mask’ from head to gloves.

Moreover, the figure of Cha Heon, who kneels on the playground and reaches out to Shin Sol, who sat down on the playground, wears a deer headband that he would never have done, and radiates cuteness and smiles brightly at Shin Sol, attracts attention. Here, the image of Shin Sol, who is embraced by ‘Woo Dae-sung (played by Yeo Hoe-hyun)’ with a breathless expression, is also revealed, and interest is increasing about what happened between them. The three people who have formed a subtle tension, Cha Heon, who secretly refused to ask for help from Shin Sol, who lost class expenses in the last 3 episodes, secretly rescued her from the crisis, revealing a clumsy but concise atmosphere. Is Cha Heon, who seemed to be shaken by Shin Sol little by little, finally opened his heart to Shin-sol, whether Shin-sol, who is one-sided single-minded Cha Heon hopes, is shaken by priority, and the change of airflow that unfolds in the triangular romance of the three is causing question marks.

Kakao M’s ‘A Love So Beautiful’ is released every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday at 5 pm on Kakao TV. 20 minutes each, 24 times in total.

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