‘The Uncanny Counter’ Cho Byeong-gyu, counter deprived → mysterious kidnapping’heart arrest crisis ending’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

OCN’s ‘The Uncanny Counter,’ Cho Byeong-gyu, who was abducted by a mysterious group following the deprivation of the counter, shocked the home theater with the unpredictable development.

The 10th episode of OCN Saturday’s original ‘The Uncanny Counter,’ (played by Yeo Ji-na, directed by Yoo Sun-dong), broadcast on the 3rd, recorded an average of 9.1% and a maximum of 10.1% on a national average in the paid platform that integrated cable, IPTV, and satellite, and an average of 9.2 in the metropolitan area. %, the highest 10.3%. In addition, the audience rating of 2549 men and women, which are the targets of OCN, continued to rise to an average of 7.5% and 8.3% on a national average, an average of 7.5% and a maximum of 8.1% in the metropolitan area. (Provided by Nielsen Korea)

Even with Counters’ appeal that day, the result of Somun (played by Cho Byeong-gyu) did not change. In particular, the conflict between the Somun and the underworld partner Wi-gen (played by Moon Sook) peaked. Wigen explained the reason for the counter deprivation, saying that inexperienced emotional control of Somun and vengeance lead to the urge to kill, and the evil spirit Ji Cheong-shin (played by Lee Hong-nae) learned the counter and discovered the land of Jung, and made a fatal mistake of Somun.

Somun said, “Give me one chance. My parents are caught by Ji Cheong Shin. I can never stop doing this.” He said in tears, worrying about his parents who didn’t know when he would disappear, but this was not accepted. Eventually, Somun returned to a high school student who was bullied by his classmates before the counter specialty student, along with the supervision committee’s notification of the counter deprivation, and the previous crisis that came to Somun , such as being deleted by Choi Jang-mul (played by Ahn Seok-hwan), made the viewers cry.

Along with this, Counters missed Somun of returning to school. In particular, Chu Mae-ok (played by Yeom Hye-ran) visited her underworld partner and son Suho (played by Lee Chan-hyung) and appealed for her sonship, and returned to the counter of Somun, seeing him living with Ga Mo-tak (played by Yoo Jun-sang) and feeling sad.

In the meantime, shocking news about Ji Cheong-sin and Shin Myung-Hwi (played by Choi Kwang-il) were drawn for presidency, foreshadowing the unrelenting development of the tension for a single moment. They each held counters and joined hands to regain approval ratings. After that, breaking news that the serial killer Ji Cheong-shin was found as a body made Jung Jin-si buzz, and Shin Myung-hui became a hero who caught the serial killer at once. This unfolded a lie-like situation where everyone’s concerns became a reality, raising viewers’ anger. Shin Myung-hui, who became a hero, ran for the presidential election with momentum, and the investigation of illegal landfills in the middle of the city was on the verge of overturning again.

Eventually, Somun was faced with a crisis that could not be resolved alone, and further, the immersion of the play was raised by discovering to Ga Mo-tak that the memory was not erased at the time of the counter activity. Ji Cheong-sin, who became a body of freedom at the moment, began to gather demons such as Baek Hyang-hee (played by Ok Ja-yeon) to catch counters, including Somun, after washing the identity, raising the tension in the first row of the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Somun at the end of the broadcast shocked the ending of the crisis of being kidnapped by an unidentified group. Who really kidnapped Somun, making fans more curious about the ‘he Uncanny Counter’ episode 11 of whether they would face another crisis.

After the broadcast was over, various online communities and social media reported “I got goosebumps when I said that I didn’t remember Somun ”, “You’re really good at acting Cho Byeong-gyu~ It’s fun”, “Somun will be awakened in the 11th trailer. Comments poured out such as “I shouted in the scene where Somun was hiding”, “I want to see Somun flies so far”, “My heart is chewy all the time I watched”, “I was thrilled when the demons gathered”.

On the other hand, OCN Saturday’s original ‘The Uncanny Counter,’ is an exhilarating and sweaty evil spirit-breaking hero, where demon hunters, ‘Counters’ disguise themselves as noodle restaurants to defeat the demons on the ground. It is broadcast at 10:30 pm every Saturday and Sunday.


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