TOMORROW X TOGETHER, EBS ‘Listening’ DJ selection… First broadcast on the 10th [Official]

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER has been selected as the new DJ for EBS radio ‘Listening’.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER will start broadcasting as a new DJ of EBS FM ‘Listening’ from 7 pm on the 10th.

‘Listening’ is a program hosted by singer Cheongha and singer-songwriter Jeong Se-woon, and the only youth radio broadcast in Korea that listens to and empathizes with teenagers.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER is a trending group that is gaining global popularity at home and abroad, being recognized for its unique coolness, splendid performance, and solid skills. In addition, the lyrics of the daily life of teenagers brought out a lot of sympathy among teenagers.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER will listen to the stories of teenagers on the first broadcast on Sunday, January 10th, as well as the determination to deliver a new look and honest stories that were not shown before, as this is the first official meeting with the listeners. In particular, it has shown excellent empathy and excellent progression by participating as a special DJ in the year-end plan of ‘Listening’ last year, ‘Special DJ of 10 Teams for Teenagers’, which is raising expectations.

PD Kang Dong-geol of ‘Listening’ said, ‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER is a boy band that has communicated from the eye level of teenagers through various activities.’

EBS FM ‘Listening’ is the only radio program for teenagers in Korea and runs from 7 pm to 9 pm every Sunday, and the first broadcast by Tomorrow by Together is 7 pm on the 10th, terrestrial radio, internet radio, smartphone application ‘ We can listen the show on ‘Bandi’ app.

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