‘Video Star’ Heo Jae “When I was a basketball player, I received lots of fan letters”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Former basketball player Heo Jae mentioned his popularity in his prime.

MBC Every1’s entertainment program ‘Video Star’, which airs at 8:30 pm on the 5th, is decorated with ‘If you unite, you can do everything’, while Heo Jae, Ha Seung-jin, Lee Hyung-taek, Jin Jong-oh, and Kim Yo-han appeared.

Heo Jae, who was once referred to as ‘Buruck Heo Jae’ because of his unbearable anger, is said to have shown a sense of futility, such as missing a basketball from the appearance or being unstoppable by guests. The back door is said to have taken off the image of the past and reborn as’ Cutie Heo Jae’ and showed new charm.

On this day, Heo Jae unveiled the story of his past when he was active as a basketball player and professional basketball team manager. Not only that, but when he was asked, “Who is the second Heo Jae among role models or junior players when he was a player?” He replied and showed off his honest talk.

In addition, Heo Jae revealed a story about the time when he was the only runner-up team in the history of professional basketball during the 97-98 season championship match. Heo Jae surprised everyone by saying, “I wasn’t happy even though I received the MVP Award.” At the time of the game, the back of his right hand was fractured and his eyelids were torn, but he continued his fighting spirit, but in the end the team was defeated and angry at the fact that he lost the game, and he left the MVP trophy and bouquet on the pitch and went home. But the next day, he laughed when he said he found the trophy’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Heo Jae also aroused curiosity by revealing that he was the originator of the modifier ‘Girl Fans Unit’. He boasted that, “When I was a player at Chung-Ang University, I was able to paint wallpaper with a fan letter sent by my fans.” In response, Heo Jae added, “In fact, there were too many fan letters, and it took a long time to read all letters,” he added, proving his reputation as the president of basketball at the time.

Heo Jae’s reversal story and various behind-the-scenes stories from the time of basketball president can be seen at MBC Every1 ‘Video Star’ at 8:30 pm on the 5th.


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