‘Assault Assistance Suspicion’ Yoon Hyung-bin’s side “Finished the first police investigation last month”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The first police investigation was completed regarding comedian Yoon Hyung-bin’s criminal complaint against a would-be comedian A (23), aspiring comedian for blackmail, defamation (violation of the Information and Communication Network Act), and intimidation.

On the 5th, lawyer Choi Young-gi of Lawfirm Seungjeon, legal representative of Yoon Hyung-bin, told Maeil Business Daily Star Today, “Yoon Hyung-bin completed the first police investigation on the 29th of the last month.”

“Mr. A was also informed that he submitted a complaint to Yoon Hyung-bin for assisting in assault and defamation. In the case of defamation, it is said that Yoon Hyung-bin’s agency has sued for defamation for the fact that the assault aid was untrue.”

On the 17th of last month, an online community posted the title “I accuse comedian Yoon Hyung-bin,” along with a post stating that Yoon Hyung-bin had tolerated bullying at the Yun Hyeong-bin small theater in Busan, causing a stir.

The author of the article, aspiring comedian A, entered the theater at Yoon Hyung-bin at the end of October 2015 to learn acting, but insisted that he only made chores and the officials used violent language and violence against him. In addition, Yoon Hyung-bin said that he condoned even knowing this.

In this regard, Yoon Hyung-bin filed a complaint with defamation, saying that Mr. A’s allegations were completely unfounded. Afterwards, Mr. A also announced a correct complaint that he plans to file a complaint through a legal representative for violation of the Labor Standards Act or defamation due to the spread of false information.


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