‘Cheat on Me, If You Can’ Go Jun, embarrassed by Yeon-woo who visits the law firm

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‘Cheat on Me, If You Can’ The first private meeting between Go Jun and Yeon-woo was captured. Yeon-woo appeared in the office of Go Jun’s lawyer. As they face each other, the tense appearance of Gojun and Yeon-woo catches the eye. In a situation where Go Jun was suspected of cheating on his wife Jo Yeo-jeong, attention is focused on the reason why Yeon-woo came back to Go Jun.

KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Cheat on Me, If You Can’ (played by Lee Sung-min, director Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Min-tae, production A story) released the stills of Han Woo-sung (Go Jun) and Go Mi-rae (Yeon-woo) who faced at the lawyer’s office on the 5th.

Earlier, Woo-sung met Mirae for the first time in a lecture at Seoyeon University that happened by chance. The future began to return a fountain pen whose dominance fell, and to save Woo-sung who had fallen into the water amid continuous accidental encounters, and began to develop curiosity about him.

Woosung is worried about finding out traces of the wind from his wife, Kang Yeo-joo (played by Jo Yeo-jeong), but is struggling with her mind being drawn to the beautiful future. In particular, in the last 8 episodes, Woosung learned that Yeo-joo was suspicious of her wishes, and cleared all traces of contact with the future.

Meanwhile, the future was caught suddenly visiting Woo-sung’s lawyer’s office. Woo-sung, who became embarrassed by the unexpected emergence of the future, catches the eye with a more tense future in front of such dominance. As a result, the appearance of Son Jin-ho (played by Jeong Sang-hoon) whispering to Woosung and a large gift box between Woosung and the future facing each other is also caught, amplifying curiosity about what happened.

Previously, Mi-rae went to his lawyer’s office to return Woo-sung’s lost fountain pen, but turned around leaving only a box of fountain pens without meeting Woo-sung. It raises curiosity about the reason why such a future has come to dominance once again.

“Cheat on Me, If You Can.” “The first private encounter between Han Woo-sung and Go Mi-rae, whom I met by chance at an official meeting,” said, “Woo-sung is struggling to escape the suspicion of his wife Kang Yeo-joo’s wind. I hope you can check what the relationship will be through this episode 9.”

It is a comical mystery thriller between the wife and crime novelist who only thinks about how to kill a person, and a husband and lawyer who specializes in divorce.


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