‘Firebird 2020’ Yoo Yi-jun, unrequited love, innocent man’sight’… Is there a new younger man genealogy?

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Yoo Yi-jun of’Firebird 2020′ is giving off a passionate love every time.

In the SBS morning drama ‘Firebird 2020’ (played by Lee Yoo-jin, directed by Lee Hyun-jik),  Yoo Yi-jun is a junior at the company of Nam Bok-ja (played by Ok Ji-yeon), an old friend of Lee Ji-eun (played by Hong Soo-ah) and has been active as a younger man, a younger man who has been in love since long ago.

Yeo-jin and Bok-ja are emerging as an extraordinary element of fun in their relationship, as they have been linked from ‘priest relationship’, which used to be a tutor and student in the past, to ‘company senior and junior,’ who are now home shopping PD and MD. In particular, the first scene of a ‘tire rush’ in a studio in home shopping is an expectation of what kind of chemistry to build in the future.

Unlike Blessed One, who considers her younger brother, Yeo-jin is captivating viewers with her honesty and warmth. He expressed his innocence by expressing that he would reach out first to ask him to get up when he is the person he wants to live with and when he falls down on a deserted island. After that, even though love was compared to hot coffee, Yeojin shouted ‘Ice coffee even if I freeze and die,’ implying that my love is unconditionally a man, and showed the spirit of a straight younger man.

Meanwhile, a red light came to Yeo-jin’s unrequited love. The appearance of Kim Ho-jin (played by Kim Ho-chang) was an opportunity to give Yeo-jin a fresh stimulus. The scene of pretending to be in a fake relationship by exchanging a pair of padding with a showhost co-worker triggered a cute jealousy and caused smiles and laughter of viewers. Every time Ho-jin appears next to Bok-ja or just appears, the sharp expression and hot gaze doubles the sadness of unrequited love, and expectations are focused on future activities.

As such, Yoo Yi-jun, who is emerging as a next-generation’believing and seeing’ actor, showed the character’Yeojin’ with a stable acting ability and sincerity, and took an eye stamp to viewers. In front of her, she adjusts the balance of wanting to become a man rather than a younger brother or a junior in front of her, and is paying attention to whether he will continue the lineage of a new younger man that he has never seen before.

On the other hand, SBS morning drama ‘Firebird 2020’, starring Yoo Yi-jun, is ‘Timing Reversal Romance’ which depicts what happens when a rich woman and a poor man marry only with love and then divorce after the economic situation reverses. It airs every weekday at 8:35 am.


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