Heo Ji-woong expressed anger over a child abuse…”The perpatrator can be on trial as murders only with additional testimony”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster and writer Heo Ji-woong emphasized the need for additional testimony in commemoration of Jung-in, who died due to the abuse of her adoptive parents.

Heo Ji-woong posted a post on his Instagram on the 5th with a picture of a chrysanthemum flower and said, “With COVID-19, we witnessed the darkness of the world that we wanted to turn away from as the restrictions on activities outside the house and the time spent with children and guardians increased.”

He enumerates child abuse cases, such as cases where the child was imprisoned in a suitcase and abused with chopsticks heated by fire.

Heo Ji-woong said, “It was shameful that I was an adult who couldn’t change anything despite repeated horrors. It can be changed.” He emphasized repeatedly.

Heo Ji-woong said, “I hope the day when I can say I’m sorry will come soon. I wish Jung-in’s name and happiness.”

On the 2nd, SBS current incident accusation program ‘Unanswered Questions’ dealt with the abuse and death of 16-month-old adopted child Jung-in, sparking social interest in the Jung-in’s case. After the broadcast, there has been a campaign to develop the hashtag ‘#Jung-in, I’m sorry’ among the entertainment industry such as BTS Jimin, actor Shin Ae-ra Lee Min-jung, and other netizens, while petitions are being submitted calling for severe punishment for adoptive parents.

<Heo Ji-woong’s social media post>

As COVID-19 restricts activities outside the home and increases the amount of time for children and guardians to stay together, we have witnessed the darkness of the world we wanted to ignore.

A stepmother who locked her child in a suitcase and tortured her with a dryer. Young brothers who were victimized by a tragic accident while trying to boil ramen because they were hungry amid repeated neglect of  mother. A nine-year-old girl who was bound in chains by her stepfather and mother and tortured with iron chopsticks heated by fire.

Each time, neighbors, institutions, and schools first noticed and reported, but the separation did not occur until the child was seriously damaged or died.

This is because, as I have already said several times at the opening, the perpetrators must give permission to protect the victim.

Fortunately, the policy was changed a while ago so that if child abuse is suspected, separation will take place immediately. But the blind spot was still there and we stood before another death. It was horrifyingly the same. Neighbors, hospitals, and day care centers first noticed and reported. But we failed to save children.

I was asked to participate in the challenge several times, but it was difficult to take pictures and do it. This is because even leaving a word of sorry for being an adult who couldn’t change anything despite the repeated tragedy like a lie was shameful and felt like cotton.

Many people are sick and angry at the story of Jung-in, who died without knowing whether there is a life other than suffering.

What we need most at this time is additional testimony. Additional testimony is required to change the complaint to murder. If there are neighbors who have not yet told what I have seen, please contact the police.

I hope the day when we can say I’m sorry comes soon. Rest in peace Jung-in.


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