Jeong Se-woon reveals some new news before comeback… All songs written and composed

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Jeong Se-woon released some of the new news.

On the afternoon of the 4th, the agency Starship Entertainment released an album preview video containing the highlights of all songs from Jeong Se-woon’s first full album ’24’ on the official SNS channel.

In the video, the title track ‘In the Dark’, ‘:m (Mind)’, ‘Fine’, ‘DoDoDo’, ‘Find hidden pictures’, ‘Be a fool’ A total of six tracks, including'(Beer Full)’, and unreleased photos were included.

In the unpublished photo, Jeong Se-woon focused his attention by showing a variety of visuals, digesting from dreamy charms to mysterious atmospheres and sophisticated moods.

The title song ‘In the Dark’ confidently expresses the moment when there is no hope but runs toward the light without giving up, and it is a pop song with a powerful acoustic guitar riff sound and a groovy rhythm.

In addition, the sensational pop-style track ‘:m (Mind)’ and the addictive hook melody ‘Fine’, a comfortable retro jazz pop song ‘DoDoDo’, a romantic and romantic chill style pop song ‘Finding hidden pictures’ and ‘Be a Fool’ with a harmonious harmony of jazz piano melody and charming voice make you feel the musical growth of Jeong Se-woon, which added depth.

Jeong Se-woon maximized his color by taking part in the lyrics and composition of the entire song, as well as taking charge of producing, as well as embodying the emotions he can convey in the first studio album ’24’ Part 2. Following ’24’ Part 1, expectations are focused on the unrivaled sensibility that Jeong Se-woon will show through this new release.

Jeong Se-woon’s first full album ’24’ PART 2 will be released on the music site before 6 pm on the 6th.

Photo provided | Starship Entertainment

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