‘Secret royal inspector’ Kim Myung-soo, Kwon Na-ra, Lee Yi-kyung, evil group punishment

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‘Secret royal inspector’ brought excitement to the home theater through the thrilling victory of the Eosadan.

KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Secret royal inspector: Chosun Secret Division’ (hereinafter ‘Secret royal inspector’, director Kim Jung-min, screenplay Park Sung-hoon Kang Min-seon, production iWill Media) 5th episode 1 part rating 5.7% (provided by Nielsen Korea, nationwide Standard), captured the attention of the home theater. Yesterday’s broadcast portrayed the activities of Kim Myung-soo (played the role of Seong Yi-gyeom), Kwon Na-ra (played the role of Hong Da-in), and Lee Yi-kyung (played the role of Park Chun-sam) who completed the mission of the fishermen by catching the rich man of the village who committed corruption.

Earlier, Seong Yi-gyeom (played by Kim Myung-soo) learned that Park Chul-gyu (played by Kim Seung-soo), who had been dispatched first, was murdered by a rich man in the head of the village, and that they had tormented the powerless people. In addition, in a mine where prisoners were forced to labor Even to the fact that the secretly collecting gold was prevalent, irregularities were dug out and shocked. In particular, in the ending of the 4th episode, the outnumbered leader’s son Kang Jong-gil (played by Han Jae-seok) took Hong Da-in (played by Kwon Na-ra) as a hostage to attract Seong Yi-gyeom to create a sense of crisis.

On this day’s broadcast, Park Chun-sam appeared at such a dramatic moment, rescued Hong Da-in, and escaped, and Seong Yi-gyeom, who was left alone, won the victory after a fierce battle with Kang Jong-gil. The Secret royal inspector Division went out to the streets and shouted “Secret royal inspector!”,  and showed a cool moment with a dignified appearance, such as capturing the rich leader and proclaiming their crimes.

In particular, the scene of the people who escaped the exploitation of the greedy officials happy and shouted “Long live Secret royal inspector!” gave a hot impression to the home theater as well. Seong Yi-gyeom, who heard the reverberating cheers, felt a feeling that boiled with emotion, and the appearance of gradually changing in the process of realizing justice, who was only an ambiguous figure, made viewers smile.

Hong Da-in, who had completed the mission of the Assassin, broke up with Seong Yi-gyeom and Park Chun-sam, and the short relationship between the three seemed to be ending like this. However, it was exciting that a new journey would begin. Hong Da-in attempted to leave for the Jeolla-do Observatory to resolve the suspicion of his father’s unfair death, and Seong Yi-gyeom applied for a new Secret royal inspector that would accompany him. It aroused the curiosity of whether they would meet again as the Assassin and go on an adventure together.

A new wind blows into the relationship between Seong Yi-gyeom and Hong Da-in, who growled just by looking at each other’s faces, and stimulates the excitement. Seong Yi-gyeom was offered a marriage proposal by Kim Byeong-geun (played by Son Byung-ho), who was trying to take over him, and his daughter Mi-ok (played by Ha Young) visited the house and launched an active offensive. Hong Da-in, who accidentally saw two people together, said, “Now until marriage… I will reduce it. The language can be anyone. But I wasn’t a word, but I needed you.” She disappeared, leaving an unknown word and focused attention on how the relationship between the two would change.

At the end of the 5th episode, Seong Yi-gyeom learned that his younger brother Seong Yi-beom (played by Lee Tae-hwan) had been pillaged and decided to leave. Hong Da-in appeared in front of Seong Yi-gyeom as he tried to find his younger brother on a journey under the status of Secret royal inspector, and unexpectedly proposed negotiations. Expectations for broadcasting were further amplified.

The adventure of the Secret royal inspector Division on the new road can be confirmed in episode 6 of ‘Secret royal inspector’, which will be broadcast at 9:30 pm today (5th).



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