‘Shall we talk?’ Lee Dong-jin “Kim Eana’s review on ‘Sing Again’ is impressive”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Film critic Lee Dong-jin praised the review of Kim Eana, a judge of ‘Sing Again’.

Critic Lee Dong-jin appeared as a guest in the Kakao TV web entertainment ‘Shall We Talk?’, which was released on the 5th. On this day, MC Kim Eana visited Lee Dong-jin’s studio and museum, named ‘Paiakia,’ and talked with Lee Dong-jin.

On this day, Kim Eana said, “Honestly, there was something like a scary feeling to critics. Even though I’m not a person in the movie, I’m a bit like an inspector.”

Lee Dong-jin replied, “Not at all. All of the critics are boys and girls.” Then, “I’m watching ‘Sing Again’ well these days. I’m admiring you for your impressive reviews,” and Kim Eana was shy. Kim Eana appears as a judge on the JTBC audition program ‘Sing Again’ and makes a warm and sympathetic review every time.

Lee Dong-jin said, “(Kim Eana) only uses simple words, but he made a really new and clear review.” Kim Eana said, “I hope the viewers will capture this screen so that the whole world can see it,” and made a v pose to make viewers laugh.

On the other hand, Kakao TV’s web entertainment ‘Shall we talk?’ is released every Tuesday at 7 am.


Photo|Capture of Kakao TV ‘Shall we talk?’ broadcast screen

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