2PM Nichkhun, Ranked 1st in China’s Weibo ‘2020 Popular Overseas Star’

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group 2PM Nichkhun has proven its strong global popularity.

According to the agency JYP Entertainment on the 6th, Nichkhun ranked first in the ‘2020 Popular Overseas Stars’ category selected by Weibo, the representative social network service (SNS) in the Chinese language speaking countries.

Throughout 2020, it rose to the top of the rankings by ranking the popularity of overseas artists based on objective indicators such as the amount of inflow and activity on the platform, and boasted a ‘Asian Prince’ aspect.

Earlier, Nichkhun attracted attention by winning first place in the monthly ranking of Weibo Hallyu charts from September to December of last year. This is also a chart that is updated to reflect the actual data figures in Weibo, and Nichkhun recorded the top spot for four months, giving a strong sense of local influence once again.

Nichkhun, who is popular both at home and abroad, plans to continue acting as an actor. Nichkhun, recognized for his ability as an actor, disassembled into ‘Mochi’, a sweet and gentle charmer in the Thai movie ‘Brother of the Year’, which was released in 2018, announced the casting news of the Hollywood movie ‘Hong Kong Love Story’ in November of last year to attract fans around the world. I was pleased.

Through this work, Nichkhun will with world-renowned actors and famous Chinese elder actors who appeared in ‘007 Another Day’ and ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ and Byron Mann, who was active in the movie ‘Big Short’ and Netflix drama ‘Altered Carbon’.


Photo courtesy of JYP Entertainment

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