‘Charismatic girl in the football community’ Lee Min-ah “Caught on the air for cursing during the game” (‘Playing Sister’)

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Soccer player Lee Min-ah said that she had been swearing during the game.

Soccer players Lee Min-ah and Jang Seul-gi appeared on the E-channel entertainment program ‘Playing Sister’, which aired on the 5th, and gave special training with the members.

After the 4v4 soccer match, they ate snacks and chatted. When handball player Kim On-ah said, “Isn’t there a case of swearing when playing games. We often pinch,” Jung Yoo-in added, “Min-ah is a Sikpan fanatic.” ‘Sikpan’ is an expression that purifies profanity.

Lee Min-ah replied, “I once sweared when I played a game passionately. (The swearing appearance) was caught up in the air.”

At the words of Lee Min-ah, former volleyball player Han Yoo-mi gave a laugh when referring to volleyball empress Kim Yeon-kyung, nicknamed ‘Sikpan Sister,’ and saying, “Because Korean people don’t understand, Yeon-kyung is swearing in foreign language.”


Photo|Capture of E-channel broadcasting screen

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