‘Eye Contact’ Choi Hong-lim “My brother, who was desperate for 30 years, promises to have a kidney transplant.”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Who is the eye contact of Choi Hong-lim, the first performer of ‘Eye Contact’ in the New Year? It is none other than a 10-year-old brother who had promised a kidney transplant and then went to sleep.

Channel A’s ‘Eye Contact’, which will be broadcast on the 6th, announced the ‘everything eye contact’ of comedian and golfer Choi Hong-lim.

In the previously released trailer, Choi Hong-lim shed tears from the waiting room to the extent that he could not breathe properly, and the production crew lowered the blinds for a while and stopped making eye contact with Choi Hong-lim’s struggling appearance.

The other person who made Choi Hong-lim so fierce was his brother, who hadn’t met for more than 30 years.

Choi Hong-lim said through another broadcast, “After I was diagnosed with kidney failure, my brother offered to do a kidney transplant. However, as the date of the surgery approached, my brother suddenly disappeared.”

The older brother, who had been in conflict with his brothers for decades with a violent tendency, became more irreversible with this incident with his youngest brother, Choi Hong-lim.

Choi Hong-lim’s elder brother explained the reason why he couldn’t do the kidney transplant in the eye contact room on this day and delivered his sincere apology.

However, Choi Hong-lim opened up the work heavily, saying, “It is not an important question whether you have given me a height or not.” In addition to the whole word of the ‘kidney transplantation case’, the secret that caused the two’s dissent was revealed, and 3MC and special MC Kim Won-hee couldn’t hide their astonishment.

Talking about the real reason for being dissatisfied with his brother, Choi Hong-lim was outraged and cried without even raising his head. The studio that saw this was also a crucible of shock.

Kim Won-hee barely expressed his feelings, saying, “At least, you seem to have vomited all the stories you want to talk about today, and that’s fortunate.” In an atmosphere heavier than ever, the ending of ‘everything eye contact’ fell into a labyrinth.

The shocking story of Choi Hong-lim, who has cherished a heartbreaking story for decades, and his brother who failed to keep the important promise of a kidney transplant, will be unveiled on Wednesday, January 6 at 9:20 p.m., at ‘Eye Contact’, a new concept of channel A silent entertainment. .

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