Park Eun-hye, who disappeared from ‘Revenge’, will be alive?

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Revenge’, in which the revenge arrow started when Sarang Kim fired at Park Eun-hye and returned like a boomerang, eventually opened, raising tensions.

In the TV CHOSUN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Revenge’ (Director Min-gu Kang / Screenplay Kim Hyo-jin / Production High Ground, Blossom Story, Story Hunter), Kang Hae-ra offers powerful uppercut revenge to the strong who trample the weak with money and power, respectively. He plays the role of Cha Min-joon (Yoon Hyun-min)’s older sister Cha Yi-hyun, who disappeared after the scandal exploded by Kang Hae-ra.

Above all, in the last broadcast, I learned that Cha Min-joon, named Kang Hae-ra, was Cha Yi-hyun’s younger brother, and at the same time, he was shocked by the ‘back head counterattack’ that he was the target of revenge for Cha Min-joon and a hunting dog necessary to complete revenge.

In this regard, through the ‘Revenge’, I analyzed how the revenge that Kang Hae-ra threw on Cha Yi-hyun 12 years ago came back to Kang Hae-ra.

◆’The Chronicles of Revenge’ Chapter 1: The ‘Scandal Revelation’ thrown at the moment when you thought it was not help

The first chapter of ‘The Chronicles of Revenge’ began with Kang Hae-ra. College seniors and juniors Kang Hae-ra and Cha Yi-hyun were very close together, such as Cha Yi-hyun, who took special care of Kang Hae-ra, who carefully looked after her sick mother, handed over a thick bag of money to help pay for the hospital. In addition, for the reporter’s dream of Kang Hae-ra, Cha Yi-hyun introduced her as a reporter and reached out her hand whenever Kang Hae-ra had a hard time. However, after taking the role of a reporter named Kang Hae-ra, he was raped by Lee Hoon-seok (Jung Wook). Accordingly, the sponsorship scandal of Cha Yi-hyun and Kim Sang-gu (Jeong Man-sik), who were not accurately identified, created the starting point of ‘Cruel Revenge’.

◆’The Chronicles of Revenge’ Chapter 2:’Fire Warehouse Site’ with resentment and forgiveness

After that, Kang Hae-ra had a child of Lee Hoon-seok, and even married, but he had a hellish day due to the daily assault. In particular, the resentment against Cha Yi-hyun increased when the child in the stomach was stillborn due to the violence of Lee Hoon-seok called Kang Hae-ra.

Shortly after the sponsor scandal, he learned of Cha Yi-hyun’s demeanor, and ran straight to Kang Hae-ra, who was wearing a patient suit, and faced Cha Yi-hyun, who was trapped with her child in a fired warehouse.

She then gave an apology for the revenge she threw at Cha Yi-hyun a year ago, saying that he had lost a child named Kang Hae-ra. Eventually, Kang Hae-ra brought Cha Yi-hyun’s child, Lee Ga-on (Jeong Hyun-jun), and raised him instead, and 11 years later, he became brutally entangled with Kim Tae-on (Yoo Sun) and Kim Sang-gu, the final revenge opponents of Kang Ha-ra ‘Revenge Channel’.

◆’The Chronicles of Revenge’ Chapter 3: ‘Hunting Dogs Fall’ in a plan condensed over 12 years

Cha Min-joon changed his job as a lawyer to revenge on those involved when his older sister Cha Yi-hyun disappeared, and took revenge against Kim Tae-on and Kim Sang-gu using Kang Hae-ra as a hunting dog. Afterwards, Cha Min-joon gave Kang Hae-ra a request for revenge for those who are not protected by the law and approached it, causing Kang Hae-ra’s will to revenge.

As a result, he blasted revenge in real time on the strong people who were harassing the weak, and he realized that all of the revenge requests that had been solved so far were made by Kim Tae-on, he declared war on Kim Tae-on.

Then, Kim Tae-on revealed that Cha Min-joon was Cha Min-joon’s younger brother and used Kang Hae-ra as a revenge hunting dog, and after learning about the black inner virtues of Cha Min-jon, who made a ‘revenge request’ to him, Kang Hae-ra was astonished.

The production crew said, “Amid the ‘Boomerang Revenge,’ where Kang Hae-ra has returned for 12 years, the life or death of Cha Yi-hyun will be the key to the future. Please watch to see if it will end.”

Meanwhile, TV CHOSUN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Revenge’ is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 pm, and at the same time, it is provided as a VOD (review) on the Wavve.
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