‘Pregnant’ Jo Min-ah “I lost 4kg due to emesis gravidarum, all test results are normal”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Jo Min-ah, from a girl band Jewelry, told her about the situation during pregnancy.

On the 6th, Jo Min-ah posted on his Instagram on the 6th, “The Moms Scanning Plus (deformity test) results are all in the normal range of low-risk groups. I was very worried because my blood pressure, blood sugar, anemia, and weight were too low, and I showed symptoms of misconception.”

She said, “Before pregnancy, my weight was slightly over 40kg, but my emesis gravidarum was so severe that I lost 4 kg and it hurts to tear my throat due to esophagitis. The act of eating itself is scary, but I think about my baby and I am trying to eat well.”

Jo Min-ah, who can hardly sleep at night due to pain in the lower back, belly, pelvis, and legs, said, “It is a stable period from 4 months of pregnancy, but there is no time to be relieved for pregnant women.” She said, “I support all the reserve cows living in the present.” I cheered for my future mothers.

Meanwhile, in November of last year, Jo Min-ah announced the news of marriage and pregnancy with a male fitness center CEO who is 6 years older than her. Cho Min-ah is pregnant and the two are planning to have a wedding in February.


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