‘South Korean Foreigners’ Kim Yohan, Taekwondo prospect → idol debut “I bet my life on Taekwondo”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group WEi Kim Yo-han appeared in ‘South Korean Foreigners’ and revealed her honest thoughts about Taekwondo.

In MBC Every1’s ‘South Korean Foreigners’ broadcast on the 6th, CNBLUE Lee Jung-shin, model and actor Joo Woo-jae, and WEi Kim Yo-han and vice-team leader Ellis So-hee appear in a quiz confrontation.

Kim Yo-han, a member of the group WEi, was a person who made his debut as an idol from a Taekwondo prospect who won two national sports championships.

When asked Kim Yo-han, who has a unique past, “I was a promising player enough to be a standing army for Taekwondo national team, but would you like to do Taekwondo again?” Even now, if I only see the video of the game, I want to do it again, and when I want to do it, I watch the video.”

In addition, Kim Yo-han, who recently took on her first acting challenge through ‘To Us Who Was Beautiful’, announced the news of joining the school series and heralded various activities in the future.

The South Korean foreign team also invited guests and focused attention. Yanan of the Pentagon, nicknamed ‘Shanghai Prince’. It is said that Yan-an captivated everyone with charms, unlike his admirable appearance.

Whether Taekwondo boy Kim Yo-han can confidently win his first championship in 2021 can be confirmed through MBC Every1 ‘South Korean Foreigners’ at 8:30 pm on Wednesday the 6th.


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