‘Yoon Stay’ Kim Se-hee PD “Yoon Yeo-jeong, Lee Seo-jin, Jeong Yu-mi, Park Seo-jun, Choi Woo-sik, are busier than the previous season”

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The production crew of tvN ‘Yoon Stay’ told various stories about the program ahead of the first business day.

tvN ‘Yoon Stay’ (directed by Na Young-seok, Kim Se-hee), which will be broadcast for the first time on the 8th, is a reality program for experiencing Korean in a hanok. Although it is difficult to move between countries due to the COVID-19, it is expected to give foreigners who have entered Korea less than a year ago for reasons of work or study, feel the atmosphere of Korea that they have not been able to experience.

In the first trailer released on the 6th, the scene of Yoon Stay, who became busy with the appearance of the long-awaited first guest, was included. Unlike the bright smiles of customers who are admired by the attentive service, Yoon Yeo-jeong gives a laugh when he is constantly busy with work, saying, “I am not doing this in a hotel.” Yoon Yeo-jeong, Lee Seo-jin, Jeong Yu-mi, and Park Seo-jun who are embarrassed foretell unexpected joy.

While the ‘Yoon’s restaurant’ series introduced the taste and culture of Korea to foreigners in the background of overseas, ‘Yoon Stay’ is expected to show deeper Korean affection and beauty to foreigners living in Korea in a hanok in Jeollanam-do. With the expectation that the classical charm of hanok, which harmonizes with nature, will heal the body and mind, PD Kim Se-hee, who directed the program, also said, “’Yoon Stay’ will bring healing to viewers. I wish all viewers can feel relaxed with our TV show.” Below is a question and answer with PD Kim Se-hee.

Q. I am curious about the process that led you to planning the reality hanok experience ‘Yoon Stay’.

-While preparing for the new season of ‘Yoon’s Restaurant’, COVID-19 got worse. In the midst of growing worries, I was forced to enter Korea for academic or work reasons, but I learned that there are many foreigners who have not been able to properly experience Korean culture due to COVID-19. We planned a program to tell them the beauty and taste of Korea, who would have had various experiences if they had entered Korea at a better time. Since the filming was completed while putting safety first and following the quarantine rules thoroughly, we ask for your support and support.

Q.’Yoon Stay’ is a new format program different from ‘Yoon’s Restaurant’. What are the distinctive points of ‘Yoon Stay’?

-The most difference is that it is a hotel, not a restaurant, and I think it is a huge scale. Unlike the ‘Yoon’s Restaurant’ series, where you only have to be responsible for one meal for a guest, ‘Yoon Stay’ has a lot to pay attention to, from check-in for guests, to manage room conditions, and prepare dinner and breakfast. Thanks to this, all the cast members continued to run around the large scale Yoon Stay until the end of the filming.

Unlike ‘Yoon’s Restaurant’, which introduced a la carte food, the kitchen became more busy as appetizer-main-rice and soup-dessert were upgraded to course meals. In addition, as we have to prepare breakfast for our guests, Yoon Yeo-jeong, Lee Seo-jin, Jeong Yu-mi, Park Seo-jun, and Choi Woo-sik got up every morning at 6:30 and started the day. You can meet Yoon Stay’s employees who are busier than ever before.

Q. Following Yoon Yeo-jung, Lee Seo-jin, Jeong Yu-mi, and Park Seo-jun, of the ‘Yoon’s Restaurant’ series, Choi Woo-sik joined as the youngest member and intern. What if you could give a little notice of their performance?

-Jeong Yu-mi was promoted to chef and Park Seo-jun was promoted to vice-chef, and even complicated and difficult court dishes were performed with a fantastic breath. At first, there were a lot of mistakes, but under the systematic management supervision of ‘Management God’ Lee Seo-jin, Yoon Stay’s operating system, which almost fell into trouble, is well established.

Teacher Yoon Yeo-jeong, who has excellent English proficiency, held a mini talk show almost every time so that the nickname ‘Oprah Yoonphrey’ was created. Choi Woo-sik was the busiest running as a kitchen assistant, bellboy, pickup man, and serving manager. I heard the word ‘Woo-sik!’ the most at the scene, and even in the midst of a hard time, I played an active part as the youngest who received a lot of cuteness from everyone as an atmosphere maker.

Q. In ‘Yoon Stay’, foreigners who have lived in Korea for less than one year appear as guests. What is the reason for the ‘less than 1 year’ limit?

-As a result of COVID-19, a program was planned to give foreigners who have not yet experienced the Korean culture properly to enjoy the atmosphere of Korea, so I think that ‘foreigners who have lived in Korea for less than a year’ will be able to show the concept of the program well. The criteria for participation has been decided.

Q. I think the response of the customers was different as I couldn’t enjoy the atmosphere of Korea because of COVID-19. What was the reaction of the customers who visited ‘Yoon Stay’?

-It was good to have a meaningful and interesting experience in a time when it was difficult to go out due to COVID-19, and there were many reactions that the one night at the warm hanok floor was especially impressive. The beautiful and fun culture of Korea, such as silk blankets, wooden grate in hanok, and traditional games, and the professional service of the cast members of ‘Yoon Stay’ who did not know they were entertainers also received good responses. The episode in which a Nepalese baby guest born in Korea came to Yoon Stay and heard a new sound for the first time is also impressive.

Q. What kind of program do you want ‘Yoon Stay’ to be for viewers?

-As COVID-19 is prolonged, life is getting worse and everyone is getting tired. I hope that those who are struggling with a loss of mind will enjoy seeing the beautiful nature, the beauty of hanok, and the stories of the people that bloom in it, and regain laughter and peace of mind for a while. I hope ‘Yoon Stay’ can bring healing to viewers like the title of the program.

tvN ‘Yoon Stay’ will be broadcast for the first time on Friday the 8th at 9:10 pm.


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