A child who swears, how to correct it (‘My Lovely Child’)

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

How to teach a child who often says foul language.

Channel A, scheduled to broadcast on the 8th, will reveal the story of the youngest son, a swearing man who curses the whole family.

On this day, Alberto appears in the studio as a special MC. Alberto boasted, saying, “It’s been 2 months since my daughter was born. When she’s hungry, she looks for me.”

In the pre-released video, you can see the appearance of a child who speaks harshly to his mother and older brother. The mother tells him to change his pants, but he swears at his mother because he is annoyed.

As a result, the child starts hitting taekwondo mitt to change clothes instead of his mother, and he swears again at his older brother. The mother, feeling the seriousness of the situation, urges her to write pretty words to her. However, he doesn’t care about his mother, and she responds with curse again, making everyone astonished.

Subsequently, while having breakfast with her grandmother, the child begins to swear fingers at her older brother. When the grandmother said she would talk to her father for discipline, the boy rebelled and said, “Why is your grandmother so old?” and finally swears her fingers at her.

Oh Eun-young, who watched this, said, “Curse is a means of expressing negative emotions to the child.”

Oh Eun-young’s personalized prescription that can correct a child who swears can be found on Channel A at 8 pm on Friday the 8th.


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