‘Afternoon Hope’ Sim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo have a great relationship like a newly-wed #Heart beat #Yeon Hee-dong Hyunbin (general)

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Comedians Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo celebrated the 3,000 days of ‘Afternoon Hope’.

In MBC FM4U’s ‘Afternoon Hope Song Kim Shin-young’ (hereinafter ‘Afternoon Hope’) broadcast on the 7th, on the 3,000th day of ‘Afternoon Hope’, a couple Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo appeared as guests to show off their presence. Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo served as fixed guests for ‘Afternoon Hope’ from 2014 to early 2020.

On this day, Shim  Jin-hwa said, “It’s been a long time since I came out. The air here is awkward. I started ‘Shim ‘ when I had nothing to do with it. Afterwards, things started to come in one by one.” Kim Won-hyo also said, “I think this place is in good spirit.”

DJ Kim Shin-young said, “Afternoon Hope  has 3,000 days today. However, the two of them spent 6 years in Afternoon Hope. You are a special guest than anyone else.”

Shim Jin-hwa said, “Right now, Lee Moon-se will have the longest record with ‘Star Night’. I wish I could break that record,” he said. Singer Lee Moon-se hosted MBC radio ‘On a Starry Night’ for 11 years from 1985 to 1996. He continued to praise, saying, “It is very grateful to have a DJ like Kim Shin-young.”

On this day, Kim Shin-young said, “The two fortresses go very well. Kim Won-hyo asked that he is not only taking control of the mom’s online forum, but also being loved by male fans these days.” Shim Jin-Hwa said, “Fans send gifts to him.”

Kim Won-hyo said, “But it has improved a little. Thank. At first, I wondered why there were male fans, but now it is rather good. In the past, he didn’t like Shim Jin-hwa because he was so good. You seem to understand these days. After making the body, my interest also increased.”

Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo also demonstrated the heartbeat comments they had been doing. In particular, Kim Won-hyo, who makes comments such as “Don’t lose weight,” he said, deserves to be called Yeon-bin, Yeon Hee-dong version of Hyun Bin, in the mom cafe. The two confessed that they came with a strong kiss this morning.

In the middle of the broadcast, DJ Kim Shin-young asked the listeners to write down the chicken meat comments they heard from their lovers. “Aren’t you uncomfortable when you sit down? It would be hard because of the wings on my back.” Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo also read the comments directly.

Shim Jin-hwa said about his older wife’s story, “I am (one year old), too. But there are times when I want to call Won-hyo as brother. He hated it.” Kim Won-hyo said, “Stop it. Sister” drew a line to make listeners laugh.

On the other hand, Shim Jin-hwa said, “There is a code or promise that only works between couples.” Kim Won-hyo introduced their own signal, saying, “If you say ‘Honey today?’ on the way Shim Jin-hwa goes home, he will order chicken.” In response, Kim Shin-young trembled, saying, “The meaning of today was not that meaning.”

In the middle of the broadcast, Kim Won-hyo said, “Shim Jin-hwa did a good job of getting married” in a real-time text, “Marriage is a loss when a man and a woman of similar ability meet. Even if a man is capable, he cannot save money unless he gets married. “Women aren’t like that.”

He also showed a surprising aspect, saying he often makes video calls to people around him. “A while ago, I made a video call with Senior Kim Gura. He didn’t accept it. I just took the call. The senior looked at me and said, ‘Isn’t it between you and me on a video call?’” revealed that viewers laughed.

In the second half of the broadcast, Kim Shin-young asked the two to say the end. “First of all, I congratulate Afternoon Hope on the 3000th again. And personally, I am happy when I broadcast with Kim Shin-young. Breathing is also good.” Then he blew his eyes and said, “Thank you so much. I hope that noon’s hope songs will continue for 30 years in the future. I hope Kim Shin-young remains the longest-running DJ.”

Kim Won-hyo said, “I don’t see Kim Shin-young often. Still, he is a very precious and precious friend,” raising DJ Kim Shin-young. Kim Shin-young and Shim Jin-hwa made fun of Kim Won-hyo, saying, “Since Kim Won-hyo hears the sound of ‘Yeonhee-dong Hyun Bin’, he’s trying to say something cool.” It was an hour when the chemistry of the three people stood out.

Meanwhile, Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo are a couple of comedian who married in 2011.


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