Asian Top Band, today (7th) final… who is the main character of the national band?

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The global contest program ‘Asian Top Band’ selects the best Asian band.

In the final episode of ‘Asian Top Band’, which will be broadcast through Gwangju MBC at 11:50 pm on the 7th, the final stages of 7 Asian countries will be continued.

‘W24’, which was selected as the Korean representative through the broadcast last week, reinterpreted TVXQ’s ‘Mirotic’ in a rock style on the stage of the first round and received rave reviews from judges from various countries. The reinterpretation of the pansori Chunhyangga swoosh bald head surprised viewers and judges.

Following them, Mongolia’s national band ‘San Juniper’, which was selected through national preliminaries, followed by the national team of Uzbekistan (MilliyTV) ‘CABAND’, and Indonesia’s RTV, China’s (preserved broadcasting group) ‘VOGUE5’, and the national representative of the Philippines ‘TWENTY12’ will be unveiled.

They reinterpreted Korean songs in their own style in the first contest and sang rave reviews from the judges, and some bands sang in Korean and surprised the judges. On the second round stage that follows, national bands from each country present their own stage with their own songs.

In addition, after the contest stage is over, the special stages of 7 national bands will be revealed. They are the first to unveil the appearance of a non-face-to-face concert with the theme song ‘Song For Asia’, which prays for peace and well-being of Asian countries that are going through the severe coronavirus. Their stage, who has completed a voice with music, can be confirmed through the final episode of ‘Asian Top Band’.

On the other hand, ‘Asian Top Band’ is a global competition program produced with the 2019 international co-production support from the Korea Creative Content Agency and can be viewed on Air on the Gwangju MBC website outside of Gwangju.

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