‘Become a Rice’ 3rd teaser with warmth released

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Become a Rice’ released the 3rd teaser video full of excitement.

MBC’s new daily drama ‘Become a Rice’ (played by Ha Cheong-ok, director Baek Ho-min, produced MBC C&I), which will be broadcast for the first time at 7:10 pm on the 11th, is Young-shin (played by Jung Woo-yeon) and her It is a work that depicts the conflict and growth of the people around him.

In the teaser video released, the first meeting between young Young-shin and Kyung-soo (Jae-hee) was drawn. Kyung-soo can’t hide his embarrassment at the sudden situation where his father left young Young-shin, and Young-shin said, “It looks like an orphanage, but I don’t want to go even if I die.”

On the other hand, the scene where Young-shin’s elementary school classmates Jeong-hoon, Da-jeong, and O-bok enjoy a birthday party and the friendship grows, adding warmth. Jeong-hoon says, “I prayed for you to live here for a long time,” while Da-jeong shared each other’s secrets. It gets close enough and the acting of the child actors makes the viewers smile. In addition, it draws attention as it depicts the interesting relationship between the characters such as Kim Hye-ok (as Suk-jeong), Byeon Woo-min (as Jong-woo), Choi Soo-rin (as Min-kyung), Kim Young-ho (as Kyung-cheol), and Oh Young-sil (as Se-jin).

At the end of the video, young-sin (played by Jung Woo-yeon) and Jeong-hoon (played by Kwon Hye-ok), who have become adults, capture a lot of stories and emotions between their eyes on the bridge. In particular, Jeong-hoon’s narration, “I was young since I was young, and my heart hurt when you cried,” makes you look forward to the exciting story they will draw.

From the first meeting of young Young-shin and Kyung-soo to the sticky friendship of friends of the same age, the third teaser video of ‘Become a Rice’ raises the expectation of prospective viewers by raising questions about what the play will be about. .

MBC’s new daily drama ‘Become a Rice’ will be broadcast for the first time at 7:10 pm on the 11th.


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