Kim Dong-jun x Kim Jae-kyung melodies ‘Subway station’, confirmed to be released in January

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Subway station’ (Director Kim Jung-min) confirmed its release in January and released a teaser poster.

‘Subway station’ depicts a miracle-like encounter drawn by a man Seung-hyun (Kim Dong-jun) who loses his memories from day to day, and Ji-ah (Kim Jae-kyung), a woman who wants to be remembered forever by him.

Kim Dong-jun and Kim Jae-kyung, who were in charge of the lead roles, matched their first breath as the protagonists of the heartbreaking melody. Kim Dong-jun played the role of Seung-hyun, a man who is losing his memory. Despite the Alzheimer’s decision, she is going to stimulate women’s feelings with her pure love for a woman.

Kim Jae-kyung played the role of Ji-ah, a woman who wants to be remembered from a loved one to the end. Ji-ah is a person who can smile boldly in front of a loved one despite her time-limited life. Scheduled to be released in January.

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