Kim Hyun-joong, New Year’s Wishes “May be a stepping stone for a new leap forward in 2021”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Hyun-joong, from the group SS501, revealed his wish for a new leap forward.

On the 6th, a video titled’Everyday Joong Episode 43-New Year’s Sunrise (?) and New Year’s Wishes’ was uploaded on Kim Hyun-joong’s official YouTube channel ‘kimhyunjoong606’. In the video, Kim Hyun-joong went on the road early in the morning to see the New Year’s sunrise.

Kim Hyun-joong said, “This is Jeju Island. This is my uncle’s pension, and I use it like home whenever I come. Making music and taking a walk with my dog, I am staying in Jeju Island.” Together with two dogs and YouTube PD, he went out to meet the sun through the snow from the dawn. Although I couldn’t see the sunrise because of the cloudy weather, Kim Hyun-joong said his wishes for the new year in a narration in a video of Jeju Island’s picturesque snow scene.

He said, “I hope my family, friends and loved ones will be healthier than this year in the new year. And I hope that this year will be a stepping stone for me to take another leap forward. In 2021, please help us all over the world to be freed from this painful disease and help us to rely on and love each other in this hardship.”

“Give me the grace to be wise so that the people around me are no longer hurt by me, and the strength to overcome difficulties so that I do not become weak. Finally, hold on to my patience throughout so that I can keep this firm will for a long time to the end. At the beginning of the new year, the rain in the sky is small, but a big wish.”

On the 4th, Kim Hyun-joong appeared on KBS Joy’s entertainment program ‘Ask Anything’ on the 4th and shared his heartache.

Kim Hyun-joong suffered a fatal blow to his image as he engaged in legal battles with his ex-girlfriend, which began in 2014, due to problems such as assault and paternity lawsuits. Netizens’ reactions to Kim Hyun-joong, who revealed the intention to resume broadcasting after three years, are mixed.

Interest is focused on whether Kim Hyun-joong can make his New Year’s wishes and make 2021 a springboard for a new leap forward.

Photo| YouTube channel’kimhyunjoong606′

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