‘River Where the Moon Rises’ script reading capture

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The scene of reading the script for’River River’ was revealed.

KBS2’s first broadcast in February, the new Monday and Tuesday drama, ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ (played by Han Ji-hoon, director Yoon Sang-ho, and Victory Contents), is a general on-dal (played by Ji Soo) who made love with Princess Pyeong-gang (played by Kim So-hyun), where Goguryeo was everything in life. ), a fusion historical drama about two youths who have not yielded to their fate. Kim So-hyun, Ji Soo, and two major actors who are excited by just hearing their names are attracting public attention.

In the midst of this, the scene of the script reading that announces the departure of the ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ is released to draw attention. On this day, director Yoon Sang-ho, as well as director Kim So-hyun, Ji-soo, Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Beop-rae, Wang Bit-na, Lee Hae-young, and Han Jae-young, gathered to show a luxury historical drama. I burned my passion for making.

First of all, Kim So-hyun, who played the role of Princess Pyeong-gang as well as the inexperienced living, drew admiration by intensively drawing two characters of the same person but with completely different identities and personalities. The acting of So-Hyun Kim, who goes back and forth between the cold and brutal watering and the upright and intelligent Princess Pyeong-gang made him look forward to his new transformation.

Following that, Ji Soo was born with the blood of a general, but he broke up into Ondal, a nonviolent who loves everything in the world. It was a time for everyone on the site to immerse themselves in the pure charm of Ondal, which was further maximized by meeting Ji Soo.

Above all, it was Kim So-hyun and Ji Soo’s chemistry that received attention. The two actors met each other and entangled, expressing the gradually changing peace and the Ondal in a breathtaking breath, summoning the love remaining in the history of the youth and men to the script reading scene. We raised expectations about how the fantasy chemistry of the two actors, which makes viewers’ hearts jump through only script reading, will be realized in reality.

In addition, Lee Ji-hoon of Goguryeo’s best perfect man, Go Gun, who has not only looks, but also power and wealth, Kim Beop-rae, who plays the role of King Pyeongwon, the Tae-wang of Goguryeo, who is in the center of political battles, Wang Bit-na as Jinbi, the queen of the Goguryeo royal family. The passionate performances of luxury actors such as Lee Hae-young and Han Jae-young as Doo Jung-seo in the footnote of the Salsu Group Cheonjubang added solidity. All of them completed the perfect script reading by embracing the characters in the script under the direction of director Yun Sang-ho.

“River Where the Moon Rises” crew said, “It was a script reading site that was as hot as the actual shooting site. Just listening to the readings of the actors made Goguryeo vividly drawn 1,500 years ago.” “Meet people united with acting passion I hope you look forward to the broadcast of the ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ to see what synergy will be created.”

‘River Where the Moon Rises’ will be broadcast for the first time in February.


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