‘Seoul House’, Fondant in the charm of duplex house

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Seoul House’ drew viewers into the charm of a duplex house.

At JTBC’s ‘Seoul House’, broadcast on the 6th, Lee Soo-geun, Lee Hye-sung and Seong Si-kyung, and Park Ha-seon left for Yongin to meet the duplex house, which is a type of housing for the first and second generations.

Soo- geun’s team introduced the house they went to as ‘a house where they live separately and together’, and the Si-kyung team introduced the house they went to as ‘a house where they live separately and separately’.

First, Lee Soo-geun and Lee Hye-sung headed to the ‘Twin House,” where two houses resembling twins face each other. This house, which has an impressive shared yard on the first floor and a terrace on the second floor that connects the two houses, won the Grand Prize in the New Architects and is a full-fledged home tour. Before the start, Lee Soo-geun and Lee Hye-sung raised expectations.

‘Twin House’, where you can see all the houses next to you through the window, gave a foreboding to the closeness and trust between the owners. The terrace space on the second floor, where you can meet each other without going out to the entrance, attracted attention not only for communication but also for joint parenting. Also, although it looks similar, the inside of Building A and B that are different from each other adds to the fun.

Lee Soo-geun and Lee Hye-sung chose the laundry room hidden in the bathroom in Building B, the punching wall that allows you to hang various accessories without piercing the wall, and the second-floor terrace as the top 3 recommended points. However, the landlords picked a moving wall that can block the view of the part they want to hide, not the laundry room, as the last recommended point, and in the studio, Jung Sang-hoon, Seong Si-kyung, Kim Joo-won, and Lee Sung-beom architects answered correctly.

Next, Seong Si-kyung and Park Ha-sun looked around ‘my house’, where black is the point, and guessed the recommended point. The two-story son’s room, which made the two MCs fall in love, was separated into a studio and a bedroom, stimulating the emotions. In particular, the Sunken Terrace, located on the first basement floor, is fully equipped with an open-air bath and an iron plate for grilling meat.

In addition, Seong Si-kyung, who has few experience of purchasing house, drew attention by evolving into ‘concentrating’ by exploding home reasoning power in various places such as moving rail lights, the size and name of the dog, and the age of the owner’s son. While the traces of Ryu Seung-ryong and Hyo-rin and Baek Ji-young’s autographed CDs were found in various places, the designer Park Ji-hyun, who made the interior of their house, was found to be the owner of ‘My House’, attracting attention.

‘My House’, which relieved the financial burden of the housing site sales system and the rent of the next door where the younger brother and the younger brother lived, minimized the noise problem with the structure of the two houses only attached to the staircase, and achieved perfect separation by designing invisible windows. The top 3 recommended points picked by the landlord are the embedded bathtub, sunken terrace, and rail lighting. Two architects Kim Joo-won and Lee Sung-beom became the main characters of the answer.

Like this, episode 11 of ‘Seoul House’ introduced a duplex house, which is discussed as an alternative to an apartment, and filled Wednesday night with the difference and useful information from the multi-family house.

JTBC’s ‘Seoul House’ aired every Wednesday at 10:30 pm.


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