‘Seoul House’ Song Eun-yi, “I will be independent this year

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Song Eun-yi decided to become independent.

In the JTBC entertainment program ‘Seoul House’ broadcast on the 6th, members of ‘Seoul House’ were drawn to meet the new year’s goals.

On this day, Song Eun-yi said, “I am currently living with my mother. I will boldly become independent this year.” At Song Eun-yi’s sudden declaration of independence, Lee Soo-geun asked, “Who is it? As I did this program, I had some romances for my home.”

She continued, “I especially developed a desire for the yard. I don’t know anything else, but I wish there was a yard.”

On the other hand, the members of ‘Seoul House’ asked Seong Si-kyung, “When will you escape solo?” In response, Park Ha-sun said, “Still, Seong Si-kyung asked for a blind date so I tried to settle down. But he insist on meeting a clever and pretty woman.” So Seong Si-kyung said, “What are you talking about? Isn’t it crazy. You just need to speak Korean,” he denied and made viewers laugh.

On the other hand, JTBC’s entertainment show, ‘Seoul House’, looking for the ‘Dream House’ that each person has in their minds, is broadcast every Wednesday at 10:30 pm.


Photo| JTBC’There is no home in Seoul’

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