‘Unanswered Questions’ PD “Why did we revealed the victim’s face and name in Jeong-in’s case?

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Unanswered Questions’ PD Lee Dong-won shared the review of ‘Jeong-in’s case.

On the 7th SBS radio ‘Lee Cheol-hee’s Politics Show’, ‘Why did Jeong-in die?’ PD Lee Dong-won appeared, who covered the episode, ‘Unanswered Questions’.

‘Jeong-in’s Case’ is the case where the late Jung In, adopted by her adoptive parents at the age of 7 months, died 271 days after adoption. The incident was intensively reported on the broadcast on the 2nd of ‘Unanswered Questions’, and the emergency medicine expert in charge of Jeong-in shocked by revealing that there were fractures and pancreatic amputations allegedly caused by abuse in the girl’s body.

In this regard, this PD said, “At first, (Jung In-i) did not want to cover the case. Immediately after the incident, there were many reports in the media, and it was covered twice in ‘Curious Story Y’.” However, there were about 200 e-mails reported on the case of Jeong-in, so he said that the report was started.

In addition, the PD said about the reason for revealing Jeong-in’s face and name, “There were a lot of abuse and wounds on too many body parts. I had to show the wounds on the broadcast, but when I put the wounds together, most of my face was completed.”

After the incident was made known, criticism has also been poured out against the police and child protection agencies for failing to take proper action despite receiving reports of suspected child abuse several times. Regarding this, PD Lee said, “At the time, the police and counselors from specialized child protection agencies were dispatched several times, and I wonder if this would have happened if even one of them cared about it.”

At the same time, PD Lee added, “There are many requests from people for the sequel of ‘Jeong-in’s Case’, and if you say you need a role, I will do a follow-up broadcast.”



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