Why couldn’t Charlie Park go to his son Jun Jin’s wedding?

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

The shocking status of singer Charlie Park (real name Park Young-cheol, 65), the father of Shinhwa Jun Jin, was revealed.

Recently, the story of Charlie Park, who suddenly disappeared during broadcasting activities, was revealed in MBN’s ‘Scene Report Special World’. In the broadcast that day, he said, “Because I just live simply because I’m alive, I hate meeting people. I feel sick during the rehabilitation exercise, so I have many thoughts and repent with a mind of atonement.”

Also, “I am struggling with my illness after I collapsed from a stroke three years ago. I suffer hemiplegia and speech impairment.”

He said he became alone after divorce with his third wife. He said, “I quit my relationship. I didn’t even go to the wedding. I don’t have to blame my son because it’s my fault.”

Charlie Park also shared the story he owed to his business failure. “The business wasn’t going well, so I didn’t care about the house. Anyang Pub went bust and owed 8-9 billion won. My son gave me a lot of financial support so I lived with it.”

At the same time, he said to his son and his wife, who are revealing their happy newly married life after marriage, “I hope that I do not mind, and I wish he has a healthy and happy life with my daughter-in-law Ryu Yi-seo.”


Photosㅣ Screen on appearance of’Scene Report Special World’
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