Ahn Ye-eun will hold a solo concert in February…’Strict compliance with quarantine regulations’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer-songwriter Ahn Ye-eun will hold an offline concert, observing COVID-19 guidelines.

Ahn Ye-eun’s solo concert will be held at the Rolling Hall on the 6th and 7th starting on February 5th.

This solo concert is a performance to commemorate the 26th anniversary of rolling, and Ahn Ye-eun’s unique stages are expected to capture those who visit the scene.

In addition, the concert poster in the form of a picture diary, featuring Ahn Ye-eun’s own paintings and handwriting, emphasizes the charm of Ahn Ye-eun, raising the expectations of fans for the performance.

In particular, Ahn Ye-eun’s concert tickets sold out at a rapid rate as soon as the ticket was opened, while all seats sold out for 3 consecutive days, proving the irreplaceable ticket power once again.

Ahn Ye-eun’s concert, which will strictly comply with corona prevention rules such as self-quarantine and periodic disinfection, will be conducted safely with meticulous and thorough quarantine such as wearing a mask, disinfecting hands, entering after a fever test, and keeping a distance between audiences.

On January 9th, Ahn Ye-eun, who will build precious memories with her fans, will release a single ‘Proust’ in collaboration with science creator Ahn Min-hyuk.


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