‘Become a Rice’ Conflict and growth surrounding the restaurant… Is it a healing drama lineage?

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

The birth of an exciting healing drama was announced in ‘Become a Rice’.

MBC’s new daily drama ‘Become a Rice’ (played by Ha Cheong-ok, director Baek Ho-min, produced MBC C&I), which is scheduled to be broadcast at 7:10 pm on the 11th, is with Young-shin (played by Jeong Woo-yeon), who was born with the secret of a master of traditional court cuisine. It is a work that depicts the conflict and growth of the people around her.

Rice is an inseparable food from our lives. For some, it is a source of health and strength, and for others, it is positioned as a medium that evokes the warmth and stability of the family, and a sense of bond between friends. It has been loved by the viewers not only to stimulate appetite by putting food on the screen in a delicious way, but also to evoke sympathy and immersion from viewers with colorful stories related to food.

‘Become a Rice’ is going to capture viewers by dealing with various aspects of ‘rice’ that cannot be separated from our lives. From familiar and simple alum to the finest Korean meals, our dining table is lit up in a variety of ways. In particular, I can see the professional aspects of Jeong Woo-yeon (playing Yeong-sin), who studied Korean food separately, and Jae-hee (playing Kyung-soo), who enjoys a variety of dishes from Korean to Western food.

In addition, the big and small conflicts surrounding the characters add to the excitement. The story of the changing friendship of the four members, consisting of friends Jung Hoon (played by Kwon Hyeok), Da-jeong (played by Kang Da-hyun), and Oh Bok (played by Jo Han-jun) with a focus on Young-shin, and a tight confrontation with Suk-jeong (played by Kim Hye-ok), the hostess of luxurious Korean foods restaurant ‘Palace’. It creates tension in the play. Variously changing relationships and subtle emotions between the characters who face hardships and adversity are drawn in a realistic way, and the more the story unfolds, the more immersion is expected.

On the other hand, people with their own stories gather at Gyeongsu’s ‘Food House’ to eat dinner together and make a bond that is as sticky as a family. They are said to be indispensable to each other through friendliness and provide great healing to viewers. Especially, it adds warmth and warmth with stories that comfort each other by those who have been hurt by their families.

In this way, ‘Become a Rice’ not only delights the eyes with various dining tables, but also grows through the process of overcoming the conflict and confrontation and trials surrounding the ‘Rice House’ and gives great empathy and comfort. It is growing.

MBC’s new daily drama ‘Become a Rice’, which will deliver warm comfort with ‘a bowl of rice’ in a cold world, will be broadcast for the first time at 7:10 pm on the 11th.


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