‘Comedi Big League’ digital spin-off ‘Back Psychorus’ released on YouTube

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The spin-off YouTube content ‘Back Psychorus’ of tvN ‘Comedy Big League’ will be released for the first time on the 10th.

‘Psychorus’, a popular section of tvN ‘Comedy Big League’, presents a digital spin-off ‘Back Psychorus’. ‘Psychorus’, starring Yang Se-chan and Hwang Je-seong, is a song section that adds an unexpected luxury chorus to luxury vocals. The most popular singers in each genre, such as Baek Ji-young, Lin, Hayes, Song Dae-kwan, and Tae Jin-ah, appeared on special occasions, as well as exquisite chorus with laughter and garnered the topic every time.

The spin-off ‘Back Psychorus’, which is produced thanks to the popularity of ‘Psychorus’, is a digital content, and unlike ‘Psychorus’, which showed A-class chorus on TV, it plans to present a more fresh laughter with the B-level version . They meet stars of genres that cannot be seen in the existing ‘Psychorus’, such as idols and hip-hop singers, and chorus their favorite songs.

In episode 0 of ‘Back Psychorus’, which will be released on this Sunday (10th), before the first episode to be released next week, Emperor Je-seong and Yang Se-chan meet the PD to conduct a new corner. The appearance of each of sub characters Hwang-tae and Yang Mi-ri, negotiating an appearance fee with the PD, as well as leaving for the used car market to buy a vehicle directly, will make a big smile before the start of the full-scale chorus. Hwang-tae and Yang Mi-ri’s delightful appearance in the retro-like poster that was released together on this day already catches the eye.

In particular, the first guest to decorate the first episode of ‘Back Psychorus’ next week following episode 0 is YouTube’s crown prince Kwang-hee. There is a growing interest in what kind of chemistry Kwang-hee, Hwang-tae, and Yang Mi-ri, who are making great strides on YouTube, will present. Not only the chorus stage that will give you laughter with amazing lyrics, but also the unfounded recent talks that are conducted to provide customized chorus to guests are expected to capture the attention.

On the other hand, tvN ‘Back Psychorus’ episode 0 will be released on YouTube this Sunday. From next week, it will be released on TV at 7:20 every Sunday evening, and the full version will be released on YouTube right after tvN ‘Comedy Big League’ ends.



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