“For a better society”… ‘Sarasen’s sword’ against prejudice [MK site]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie ‘Sarasen’s sword’ (director Lim Jae-young), starring Shin Ji-soo and directed by an incumbent police official, took off the veil in anticipation.

‘Sarasen’s sword’ is a cold but hopeful human drama that depicts the reality of Yoona (Shin Ji-soo) and Alan (Gumbir), a migrant worker who dreams of a Korea Dream, hiding from the world with deep wounds. It was selected as the closing film of the 2018 Seodaemun-gu Labor Rights Film Festival in Seoul, and won the 2019 Color Tape International Film Festival (Australia) Director Award, and was selected as a distribution support film hosted by the Film Promotion Committee in 2020.

Director Lim Jae-young said at the press conference and press conference for ‘Sarasen’s Sword’ held at Lotte Cinema at Konkuk University entrance on the 8th, “I worked for 20 years as a police officer, and whenever I have time, I devised stories and produced short films. I am overwhelmed with the opening of it.”

As a result of experiencing various incidents while working in the present position, one of the causes is ‘prejudice’. Prejudice against women, prejudice against foreign migrant workers, and other people’s prejudice against religion are destroying even our lives. In order to deliver a hopeful message of breaking through these prejudices and heading toward the world, we will direct the ‘Sarasen’s sword’. Director Lim expressed his affection, saying he expressed his desire for a better world.

To the question, “Is the gossip melted?”, “There is no gossip. However, I tried to capture the events that took place in the real world. Not long ago, a foreign female worker died while living without a toilet and toileting in a plastic container. But rather, there were more hate comments about this. “I think we should talk deeply about such issues.”

Director Lim Jae-young as well as leading actors such as Seong Hwa-yeon, Kim Pil, and Kim Birr also attended the event to show their affection for the film and to express their feelings of showing the film in difficult times.

In particular, Gumbir, an actor from Nepal, played Alan, a migrant worker who dreams of a Korean dream. He laughed by saying, “I came to Korea for the first time as an international student in 2006, and I worked as a moving company, and I did many things.

“Honestly, among the Nepalese and Southeast Asian workers I met, there were a lot of people experiencing worse situations than the story in the movie. The treatment has changed a lot compared to the past, but if we can understand each other more and try to go together,” he expressed his honest feelings.

The movie will be released on January 14th.

Photo by Yoo-Seok Yoo/ kiki2022@mk.co.kr

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