Kim Won-hyo and Shim Jin-hwa, a new agency, Hyo-Shim Entertainment

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian couple Kim Won-hyo and Shim Jin-hwa will start anew in 2021 at the agency ‘Hyoshim Entertainment’.

Kim Won-hyo and Shim Jin-hwa recently established an entertainment agency, Hyoshim Entertainment, as their exclusive contract with the entertainment showing Kim Won-hyo’s thoughts expired. The name is derived from Kim Won-hyo’s ‘Hyo’ and Shim Jin-hwa’s ‘Shim’, and shows the challenges of these couples.

On the 8th, Kim Won-hyo posted a new car photo on his Instagram, saying, “This is the first car of Hyoshim Entertainment,” and announced the start of a new agency.

Kim Won-hyo and Shim Jin-hwa are currently appearing in JTBC’s entertainment program ‘Don’t be the First One!’

Photo|Shim Jinhwa Instagram

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