Kyung Sung-Hwan “It seems like a good gift for ‘Miss Montecristo’

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[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kyung Sung-hwan revealed his feelings about being cast in ‘Miss Montecristo’.

On the 7th, a photo of the hot script reading scene of KBS2’s new daily drama ‘Miss Montecristo’ was released, attracting attention. ‘Miss Montecristo’ is a drama in which a woman, who was driven to death by her trusted friends, returns after pledged revenge and regains her life. Kyung Sung-hwan joined the drama as a male protagonist.

Kyung Sung-hwan has been working through various media after receiving attention in the movie ‘Russian Novel (2013)’. Last year, he appeared in the OCN drama ‘Tell Me What You Saw’ as Dominique, the helper of the peppermint candy serial killer, and received applause for giving him a strong presence. In her new work ‘Miss Montecristo’, she is attracting attention as she plays Cha Seon-hyuk, a man who is shaken by reality and ambition.

He said, “2020 was a difficult time for both as an actor and as a person. At the end of last year, I feel like I’ve been given a good gift because I joined Miss Montecristo. Although tension and excitement come at the same time, I am so happy and grateful that I can act on the shooting site.” As he played the role of Cha Seon-hyuk, who changes through various twists and turns, such as a sudden breakdown of momentum due to some chance of winning and winning, he is expected to have a lot to show as an actor.

Acting with senior actors who have seen and grew up since childhood is also one of the things that makes Kyung Sung-hwan excited. When asked what it was like on the script reading day, he said, “The reading day was the first time I met my seniors. I wanted to do better. There was a moment when I became an audience while admiring the energy of my seniors when I was reading. Viewers will be able to enjoy it.”

Kyung Sung-hwan is determined to have a deep love for the new drama and have to run a long-distance race of 100 episodes. “For a long time (100 episodes), if viewers can sympathize with our work and cry and laugh with a character named Cha Seon-hyuk and receive comfort for even a moment, we will be absolutely happy. I will do my best” and made the listeners smile.

‘Miss Montecristo’ is scheduled to air in February.

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