‘Land only village’ Yoon Doo-jun, new year’s ‘Futsal Ace’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Group highlight member Yoon Doo-jun showed off a versatile charm in ‘Land only Village’.

On the 7th, Yoon Doo-Jun appeared in ‘Land only village’, which was broadcast simultaneously on KBS2 and Discovery Channel Korea on the 7th, and presented healing and surrogate satisfaction with various charms.

On this day, Yoon Doo-jun started the day with morning coffee in his own second house. Following the news that a mother sheep and two baby sheep are coming as a new family, she made a sheep pen together and showed excitement.

It was also the duty of Yoon Doo-jun to pick up sheep directly to Yangyang County Office. Yoon Doo-jun held the baby sheep in his arms and gave a good greeting, saying, “It looks like watching a movie.”

That evening, Yoon Doo-jun made a fire and grilled meat himself to prepare a steak meal. His long experience in village life gave way to his skilled fire-making skills. Yoon Doo-Jun even stimulated the mouth-watering of viewers who showed their eating instincts on a bountiful one-person steak and wild pine hansang.

After a satisfactory meal, a foot ball competition was held to avoid washing the dishes. Yoon Doo-joon, who was evaluated as an ace from before the start, led Hyo-jeong’s team to victory by showing his willingness and ability to compete in this game.

In ‘Land only village’, which has established itself as a representative ‘house room’ entertainment in the Corona era, Yoon Doo-jun shows off his versatility and plays an active part as an official ‘super hero’ in the village. In addition, Doo-Jun Yoon’s refreshing visuals in the appearance of enjoying 200% of the beautiful nature and Second House add to the fun of seeing ‘Land Only Village’.

‘Land only village’ is a self-sufficiency project that contains the process of building a second house with their own romance by borrowing the land of Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do, and building a village community by Yoon Doo-jun, Kim Gura, Kim Byeong-man, Yoo In-young, Lee Ki-woo, Oh My Girl Hyo-jeong, and Kim Dong-hyun. All. It airs every Thursday at 10:40 pm.


Photo|Capture of KBS broadcasting screen

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